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Bill Pescosolido Reveals How to Write a Blog Post that Converts Cold Traffic into Red-Hot Leads

Bill Pescosolido

​Every blogger wants one thing...traffic to their blog that converts readers to prospects. Written by Andrew Draughon, Director of Content at Elite Marketing Pro, enjoy this informative post!

In this exclusive clip from No Excuses VII, 7-figure business co-owner Bill Pescosolido reveals a 5-step formula to create compelling blog content that converts readers into red-hot prospects.

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Tiffiny Rummell - April 16, 2017 Reply

Blogging is such as powerful marketing strategy. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

Kim Miller - June 24, 2017 Reply

I really want my blogs to be seen. I would love to find ways to get out there beside just FB

Candace - July 4, 2017 Reply

Thank you for your post! This is so true. Many people have the tendency to slap a post together and hope someone bites. Only thing is they forget about the idea of being attractive in order to get the person to read all the way through. This post reminds me to stay a servant for my reader! Awesome post!

Kim E Miller - July 9, 2017 Reply

Thank you for the tips.

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