About Me – Tmlovelace


Hi! My name is Theresa Lovelace and I am a network marketing professional. I teach network marketers simple online strategies to generate leads, make sales and recruit leaders into their business. I haven’t always been a network marketer. I was a elementary school teacher and assistant principal in the public school system for almost thirty years. I don’t have a “rags to riches” story but my story is one of triumph.

​Prior to getting in this industry, my whole life has been dedicated to teaching children. A career that, though it had its challenges, I would not have traded for anything. I got a late start in my career having had a family with three small children. My life took a turn in a direction I hadn’t expected when I became a struggling single mom. I worked at Madison Square Garden for several years as an information operator which was actually a great job but it was just that…a job. I didn’t see any future there for me except being an information operator. I eventually went back to school and earned my degree in elementary education. As a classroom teacher and later, an assistant principal, I served student, parents and teachers.

​Throughout those years, there were many hardships for me, as a single mother. I always dreamed of a better life, one where I could provide my children with the best of everything. But, instead, I struggled. I worked all the time - after school, Saturday school, summer school and any other time the school was opened, I was there. 

​I was first introduced to my company in 2008 and was uninterested. I was busy with a demanding job dealing with curriculum, mandates, standards, children, parents, teachers and so much more. I wore as many hats as could fit on my head and even some that didn’t. There was no time for anything else. But after I retired, the opportunity was presented to me again. Not having the pressures and stresses of the job, I decided to take a look and after doing my due diligence, I decided to join the company. I, like all network marketers, was excited about my new business opportunity. I thought it would be easy but quickly learned there was a skill set I needed to master in order to be successful.

​I discovered and learned the foundations of attraction marketing as well as the importance of branding myself. Branding myself positions me as a leader in the marketplace and this is what I teach network marketers who are new to the industry or network marketers who are struggling in building their businesses.

​I am a mother of three, grandmother of five, have written two children’s books and numerous poems, have sung in a gospel choir and hold two masters degrees.

​This is my journey…I’m not there yet and I expect bumps and twists and turns along the way. But in the end, it will have all been worth it! I am a network marketing professional, an entrepreneur, a survivor and I triumph.

​Do you have a similar story or a story that has created, in you, an appetite for success? Contact me. I can help you in your pursuit.